Colin Snack Bags2During Colin’s treatment he would pack a little cooler full of his favorite snacks before heading to the hospital.  Without fail he would fill it with a wide selection of items ensuring something in the bag would fulfill a steroid craving.  It quickly became a part of his routine.

Today, the Junior Crew team hosts snack drives throughout the year where children of all ages bring their favorite snack to donate and proceed to help hand pack the bags.  Both in-patient and out-patient Oncology children enjoy these bags during their visit for treatment.

Email us at to arrange a drop off of snacks.

How you can help:

  • Attend an organized snack drive (see events page for dates)
  • Recruit your school, team or social group to donated snack items
  • Gifts in lieu of is becoming popular.  Children forgo gifts for snack donations and their guests help prepare the bags

Contact us at info@colins-crew or 203.494.7838 for more informatcc3 - Copyion.cc8 - Copy